Cartoons are a unique art form. They are as unique as the artist behind them, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the most well-loved stories and have been illustrated with cartoon drawings, and some of the best movies are cartoons.

So what exactly is a cartoon, you ask? Wikipedia defines a cartoon as a two-dimentional illustration. These illustrations are usually only semi-realistic or not realistic at all.

Cartoons have been around for a long time, but modern technology has changed the possibilities and uses for cartoons. Cartoons today can be animated and turned into movies.

Over the years, the term cartoon has change a bit. It was originally used during the middle ages to refer to a sort of “mock up” for another piece of art, such as a painting or tapestry. Then, the word cartoon was used during the 19th century for humorous illustrations. Today, the word cartoon refers to comic strips and animated films.

Cartoons in their modern day sense are quite popular. They show up in a few different forms and can be found anywhere from the Sunday funnies to the latest movie release playing in theaters.

Some of the most beloved comic strips in America include Garfield, the lazy fat cat, Peanuts with Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Calvin & Hobbes, and The Far Side. Readers are able to identify with the comic strips and laugh at the highs and lows of the comic strip characters and their antics. There was also a period of history where cartoons made fun of and criticized politicians, political parties, and other political atrocities.

Many of the most popular comic strips turned into cartoon shows. These cartoon shows were illustrated using those classic, two-dimentional drawings, but now they were animated and full of action. Many kids have grown up watching cartoons and loving them. Often, kids would spend all morning on Saturday mornings watching cartoons.

Animated comic strips, also known as cartoons, were the early version of today’s animated movies. Today, many of the new movies released are animated. Unlike cartoons, most of the modern day animated movies did not originate from a comic strip, though there are a few comic strips, such as Marmaduke, that have been turned into full length animated movies. Many animated movies have captured the hearts of Americans, such as Toy Story and Despicable Me.

Who knows what the future holds for cartoons? They have come so far and gained so much popularity since their introduction in the middle ages, and I am sure they will be advancing in the future. Animated movies are always becoming more and more complex. They are also becoming quite realistic. These exciting advances in cartoon animation makes one wonder what might be next.

What if one day cartoons became so complex that they looked like real people? Producers could even make the cartoon characters look like real life actors and actresses, which would be quite interesting and open up countless possibilities. Where do you think cartoons will go over the next few years of decades?

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– Matt (learn more about Matt)