Most Popular Characters:

  • Charlie Brown – Today, Charlie Brown is considered the main character of the comic strip. Charlie Brown has a low self esteem and is always down in the dumps about something.
  • Lucy – Linus’s sister. She is bossy and has a crush on Schroeder.
  • Sally – Charlie Brown’s younger sister. Sally has a crush on Linus.
  • Linus
  • Snoopy – Charlie Brown’s dog. He is smart and always deep in thought.
  • Woodstock – Snoopy’s best friend, a little yellow bird.
  • Peppermint Patty – A tomboyish little girl who has a major crush on Charlie Brown. She repeatedly calls him “Chuck.”
  • Pig Pen – The dirtiest child of the Peanuts bunch
  • Schroeder – Schroeder plays the piano. He is also Lucy’s crush.

The plot:
While many cartoons feature either animals or adults, the Peanuts comic was different. It featured several children and a dog. In a world where adults rarely pay attention to what the children are up to, the Peanuts characters live a life seemingly free of parental influence. They play together and solve one another’s problems.¬†Perhaps the Peanuts comic strip was so popular because of the complexity of each of the characters and their relationships with one another. Each character has a unique personality, which was consistent throughout the years of the comic strip, and has issues arise due to their personality strengths, weaknesses, and quirks.

The Peanuts comic strip was written and illustrated by Charles Schulz, a man from the state of Indiana. It ran for nearly 50 years and was one of the most popular comics of all time. This comic, like many others, was eventually made into a cartoon show. There have also been a couple of movies, including Charlie Brown’s Christmas, made from this comic.¬† These classics are the type of movies that can be enjoyed by adults and also used in a child care center at the same time!

The complexity of this comic strip turned cartoon show is somewhat mind boggling. However, that is what makes it so entertaining and beloved by so many.

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