Tom & Jerry


  • Tom – a conniving tom cat
  • Jerry – a fast little mouse

The Plot:
Tom, the cat, is always chasing after Jerry. This cartoon is like an eternal game of cat and mouse. Tom constantly sets traps for Jerry, which Jerry often walks into but always gets out of. The two are always trying to trick one another into getting caught. Occasionally, Jerry catches Tom off guard and puts him in a trap. Watching Tom and Jerry for even just a little while can be quite exhausting as the two are always on the move trying to outsmart and outpace the other.

The Tom and Jerry cartoon, unlike many other cartoon shows, actually did not start out as a comic strip. This cartoon show was developed by Joseph Barbera and William Hanna. The 2 created more than one hundred episodes of Tom and Jerry.

Somehow viewers never get tired of watching this cat and mouse game. Such a classic game, there are a thousand predicaments the cat and mouse find themselves in, and it is always entertaining to look on. Unlike real life, however, neither character becomes the victor. Otherwise, all the fun would be over.

Children tend to find this cartoon, Tom and Jerry, to be especially entertaining and funny, but adults enjoy the cartoon show as well. It was certainly a brilliant idea developed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. At first, it might have seemed to be a silly idea, and even still, it may seem silly. However, it entertained children and adults alike when it was released, and the cartoon still entertains its audience today.

What do you think? Are you a Tom and Jerry fan? If so, what makes you love this cat and mouse duo so much? Let us know what you think on the contact page. If you’re a Tom and Jerry fan, you are likely captivated by the constant rivalry and their brilliant creativity as they set traps for one another.

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